Fitness Journal: Thursday run

I ran today at my parents house. While maybe not as hot as home, it is much more humid, and there are way more hills! I definitely am feeling this one. I also accidentally did the 3rd C25K day again. For whatever reason, the app I’m using didn’t log it when I finished last time.

Today’s stats:
Distance: 2.03 mi
Speed: 14:27 min/mi
Day 3 (again) of C25K
Animals: several dead birds :(

Fitness Journal: Thursday morning run

I didn’t make myself run last night, but I was planning on running this morning anyway. I’m leaving on a road trip later this afternoon, and I’ll need all the pumped-up-ness I can get. I’m really proud of myself for actually getting up and doing this.

That said, I was Really Not Excited about running this morning. It took me a while to a) get out of bed and b) get out the door. But I did it! I need to go back to my ‘no phone/internet before starting the day/going to work’ rule.

I’m still at ~2 runs per week, so my goal for this upcoming trip/week is to do 3 runs this week.

Today’s stats:
Distance: 1.9 mi
Speed: 14:15 min/mi
Animals: several dogs on leashes in the distance

Fitness Journal: Friday evening run

The thing I know about myself is that if I make things a choice, I will almost always choose to not expend the effort/time/energy. So the key to actually doing these things is to not let it be a choice.

Today was my first day of using the Couch to 5K training program. I have an app on my phone that I’m running in conjunction with Runkeeper. It basically vibrates my phone when I’m supposed to switch from walking to running. Starting out, it’s a 5min warm up walk, 20 mins of alternating 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of jogging, with a final 5 min walking cooldown. I think that since I’ve been doing runs before ‘officially’ starting, I had an easier time with the 60 seconds of running that I would have otherwise. I’m tempted to skip ahead in the training program, but that seems like it’s asking for trouble.

Today’s stats:
Distance: 2.1 miles
average speed: 15:37

animals: 1 friendly cat! (too dark to take pictures)

Fitness Journal: Tuesday’s run

I was sick yesterday, so today is really my Monday. I am just starting running, in prep for a mountain climb out in Colorado the first week of August. Today was my first ‘run’ of over 1 mile. I use the word ‘run’ lightly, because I’m still in the run a block, walk half a block stage. I’m at 12:46 min/mile, but in my defense, I saw a family of what I’m sure are Guinea fowl and I had to stop and take some pictures. I also saw a kitty at the beginning of my run, so I had to stop to try and make friends (they were having none of it).

Run stats:
Distance: 1.22 mi
Speed: 12:46