Fitness Journal: body weight(ish) workout

My legs were starting to feel the running a bit more than I really wanted, so my current plan is to slow that training down a bit and get started with a weight workout, which I’ve been meaning to do. Since I don’t really own any working out/weight lifting equipment and don’t have or want a gym membership, I’m starting with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout from Nerd Fitness*. I like the idea of bodyweight workout since it doesn’t require a lot of monetary investment, and I have lots of milk jugs to fill with water!

Exercise Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
20 squats X X
5 knee pushups X X
20 lunges X (regular) X (walking)
10 milk jug rows X X
15s plank X X
30 jumping jacks X X

This is a good illustration of how not-great shape I’m in, despite the running going well. My legs are in the best shape, so I started with the ‘hardest’ squats with my arms over my head, and for round 2, I did the hands behind the head. I probably could have done a third round of squats, but I’m giving myself credit for doing the workout at all in the first place, and calling it a day. My goal is consistent workouts, not super hard workouts. I’m also quite weak in the arm department, so I’m starting with 5 pushups from my knees instead of the 10 regular pushups. Hilariously, the 10 dumbbell/milk jug rows were no problem. I probably can plank for a little longer, but I’m ok with starting at 15 seconds and working up to my three full rounds of exercises first before making them harder.

  • I theoretically like the idea of a ‘nerd-focused’ fitness site since I myself am a Giant Nerd. And they do a great job of introducing people who stereotypically have not done a lot of moving their body around to moving! If this is for you, beware the cloying/patronizing nerd analogies. As ever, I’m the Wrong Kind of Nerd for this to be really appealing.