Basic Beef Stroganoff

I’ve been collecting random non-cooking blog recipes. Mostly because I need a bunch of easier/quicker/cheaper recipes than are the usual cooking blog fare.

A blogger I followed posted a Beef Stroganoff recipe that looked pretty doable. It’s no high cuisine, but it’s pretty easy and pretty fast. I will definitely make this again.

I used an entire 16 oz of mushrooms, which gave me a bit of trouble when it came time to brown the beef. Next time, I need to pull some of the mushrooms out, I think. Or get a bigger pan. (probably not actually get a bigger pan)

For me, it’s turning out to be ~3 or 4 servings, when dumped over some pasta.

Servings: ~3-4
Time to cook: ~1 hr (I let the mushrooms cook down quite a lot before adding the beef, and waited till the beef started browning, not just cooked.)
Rating: 3/5
Would make again? yes

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