Fitness Journal: Thursday evening run

I’m back at Day 1 Week 1 of C25k. The weather has gotten much nicer, so running outside seems like a thing a sensible person could do again. Of course, I had decided very firmly to run this evening, and just as I’m setting out, it starts to rain. Entirely un-predicted, of course. My time to distance ratio is a bit wonky today because of that. I was definitely hanging out under a tree for a few minutes deciding if I needed to go back for a plastic bag for my phone. Of course, once I’d gone back for the baggie, the rain had mostly passed. It was for the best though, since there were little spits of rain off and on throughout my run.

One thing I noticed is that I definitely need to step it up in the PT department for my wonky ankle. The muscles on that side were complaining much more than the other side.

Distance: 2.13 mi
Speed: 17:46 min/mi
Cats: 1, sprinting across the road during my cool down

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