Fitness Journal: C25K day 1

I’m back at it! I started the Couch to 5K training app over at day 1 since it’s been so long since I’ve been running. But I did it! Good work, self!

The back of my left leg is a bit weirdly sore still, probably from yard work this weekend, but it didn’t seem to interfere with my run once I got going.

Distance: 1.91 mi
Speed: 14:50 min/mi
Animals: 1 orange cat hiding under a dumpster, many dogs being walked

Fitness Journal: Monday evening run

I left work a bit early, because bleh, and was almost all set to get out and run when my Mom called. It was good, because we needed to catch up on a whole bunch of things, but I definitely started running after dark. My new route actually works out ok in the dark. Its better lit and/or I was just less worried about turning my ankle.

Distance: 2.24 mi
Speed: 14:47 min/mi
Animals: none, just smelled the aftermath of a few. :(

Fitness Journal: Friday run

I accidentally went much farther than I was ‘supposed’ to. In week 1 of the C25K program that I’m doing, there are 8 intervals + warmup/cooldown, but in week 2, there are only 6 intervals, so I ran the first few mins of my cooldown. It worked out though. Since I thought I had more intervals to go, I was taking a longer route, so I still got plenty of cooldown time.

I also realized that (horror!) I might have to start doing my runs in the morning instead of the evening. It is getting darker earlier, and I don’t like doing the trails in the dark because the ground is a bit uneven and I’m paranoid about my ankles. And after the end of daylight savings, it’s going to be Really Dark. Maybe I can sub some running with biking to work.

Todays stats:
Distance: 2.52 mi
Speed: 14:52 min/mi
Animals: a million dogs being walked

Fitness Journal: Monday and Wednesday runs

I’m up to Week 1 Day 3 of C25k! Congrats to me! Tonight’s run went really well. There were times on Monday when I wanted to die, but that was really absent today. As a tradeoff, Monday’s run was great in the ankle department, while I was getting some twinges today. So it goes.

Monday’s stats:
Distance: 2.14 mi
Speed: 16:06 min/mi

Wednesday’s stats:
Distance: 1.99 mi
Speed: 15:45 min/mi
Animals: One orange kitty-kit, hanging out protecting their front yard

I’m not really sure why the distance was that much shorter today than it usually is. Maybe my cooldown was shorter.

Fitness Journal: Thursday evening run

I’m back at Day 1 Week 1 of C25k. The weather has gotten much nicer, so running outside seems like a thing a sensible person could do again. Of course, I had decided very firmly to run this evening, and just as I’m setting out, it starts to rain. Entirely un-predicted, of course. My time to distance ratio is a bit wonky today because of that. I was definitely hanging out under a tree for a few minutes deciding if I needed to go back for a plastic bag for my phone. Of course, once I’d gone back for the baggie, the rain had mostly passed. It was for the best though, since there were little spits of rain off and on throughout my run.

One thing I noticed is that I definitely need to step it up in the PT department for my wonky ankle. The muscles on that side were complaining much more than the other side.

Distance: 2.13 mi
Speed: 17:46 min/mi
Cats: 1, sprinting across the road during my cool down

Fitness Journal: C25K day 1

I have fallen off every single fitness wagon there is to fall off of. In my defense, I made had several major life changes that were kind of stressful??? Anyway, I’m starting the Couch to 5k training again (using this app, free version and older version) and tracking my runs with Runkeeper still (also entirely free).

I am definitely feeling out of shape (though less badly that I expected tbh), and my leg with the wonky ankle was not best pleased, but nothing terrible. I need to make some time the next few weeks to do my physical therapy exercises for ankle stabilization.

On the upside, I met a great dark grey cat who lives in my neighborhood, and we made great eye contact as I jogged past.

Run stats:
Distance: 2.08 mi
Speed: 15:33 min/mi
Cats: 2
Dogs: 2
Number of Times I wanted to Die: 2
Plants I wanted to steal cuttings from: 3